LX-6 Firmware

 LX-6 Software Update v5.10 (Release Date Oct. 25 2016)

Update Procedure

  1. System requirements – PC only computer with 2.0 USB port and a 2.0 USB cable. Do not attempt upgrade without 2.0 port or cable.
  2. Save the LX6main.bin file from the MarCum website to your desktop (do not change the file name or extension).
  3. Plug in a USB 2 cable to your computer. DO NOT plug it into the LX6 display at this point.
  4. Remove the LX6 display from the gimbal
  5. Remove the transducer from the LX6 display
  6. Plug in power to the display from the 12v9amp battery provided with the LX6
  7. Press and hold the down arrow, continue to hold the down arrow then press and hold the power button together until the screen flashes and you see the LX6 logo appear on the screen. 
  8. Release both buttons, and listen for the chirping. Chirping will remain consistent. If the unit powers off you have held the buttons down too long.
  9. Plug in the USB cable to the LX6 display (your computer should automatically recognize the external LX6 device). If not go into My Computer and you should see the external LX6 storage device. It could take your computer several minutes to recognize the LX6 storage device.
  10. Warning: If you see a message stating, "this process could perform faster with USB 2". STOP-- you will need to try a different USB port on your computer until you do not receive this message. 
  11. Drag the file from your desktop to the external LX6 device that popped up on your computer
  12. Listen for the long steady beep followed by chirping
  13. When you hear the chirping, safely eject using the "safely remove hardware" icon normally found on the bottom right hand corner of the screen of your computer. 
  14. Power down the LX6 display using the power button
  15. Replace the rubber USB plug
  16. Reassemble the LX6
  17. Go Fish!

This new version (5.10) will update your LX-6 to the most current system performance improvements. 


Download Update file to desktop (LX-6 systems only)

Instructions available in a downloadable pdf

Update Procedure Instructional Video