Jumbo perch fishing with an underwater camera can up your game

Up Your Jumbo Perch Game with Underwater Cameras

There is just something about seeing it happen with your own eyes.  Imagine a jumbo perch roaming through a weed bed in search for an easy meal with its eyes going to and fro looking for its victim.  They casually swim the edge of the cover until they catch a glimpse of the bait hovering just above the top of the weeds.  Because you are fishing amongst the weeds, underwater cameras simply give you the best opportunity to be successful.  Flashers and depth finders will often pick up the weeds making it hard to see fish and your bait.  Underwater cameras allow you to see where the fish are and where your bait is.    

Basin Crappies: Utilizing your Fish Finder

Basin Crappies: Utilizing your Fish Finder

It’s midwinter. Lakes are locked up with a solid layer of ice. Shanty towns dot the landscape – filled with anglers that are willing to trade long rods for those of a shorter variety. Panfish – crappies in particular – are some of the most targeted species throughout the hard water season.  Knowing how to find them and which tools to use will ultimately make for a more successful day on the ice.

Finding More Fish With Your Hardwater Finder

Marking More Fish on Your Hardwater Finder

From the day you get your first flasher, the ice-fishing universe is forever changed. Ice anglers go from simply guessing at bites and what may or may not have been a fish, to tracking them throughout the water column. Not only can you use it to find fish and track how they respond to your bait, but you can also use it to find active fish before a line is even wetted.  At one time, it was considered somewhat odd; almost a novelty. Now, ice-fishing electronics are a multi-million dollar category, and the thought of fishing without one seems pointless.

The Best Underwater Camera for 2022


Since MarCum released its first underwater video camera with a monitor for fishing, an entire generation of anglers has benefitted from eyes below the lake surface.  Their world has been forever changed because of it, from the way modern ice anglers fish to the equipment they use, underwater viewing has shaped the evolution of the sport.  These MarCum underwater cameras can be used for ice fishing, freshwater, and saltwater fishing, and while the systems themselves have also evolved through the years, the one thing that remains consistent over time is the amount of information anglers glean when seeing underwater for the first time.

The Best Ice Fishing Sonar for 2022


Since introducing cutting edge sonar technology to mechanical flashers nearly 20 years ago, MarCum has sought to build the best sonar on-ice, bar-none. Recent advances saw MarCum bringing the first digital sonar to the market, giving anglers a host of ample options when hitting the ice this winter. Read on to gain a better understanding of your options, and ultimately decide which is best for your style of fishing.

What electronics will help me find early ice panfish?

What electronics will help me find early ice panfish?

One of the most common questions heard from new ice anglers relates to electronics – “Which is better – an underwater camera or a flasher/sonar?” The short answer is that it really depends.

The long answer is that there are certain situations that each unit type excels in. Depth, water clarity, habitat, and fishing style greatly impact which unit is right for a specific set of circumstances. In a perfect world, an ice angler should have both. This is particularly apparent for anglers that target panfish during the winter months.


How to ID types of Fish with your Ice Fishing Flasher

Tony Roach, a man who has seen just about everything that swims on a host of ice-fishing sonar units.  “That’s a walleye,” he confidently announced while staring at his MarCum M1.  “See it belly-to-bottom, then come up, then drop down.  It’s done it about three times in the past 30 seconds.”  Eventually, Tony connects, bringing a particularly goldeneye up on a panfish jig of all things.  How did he know it was a walleye, when we had landed nothing but gills the prior 10 hours on ice?  More importantly, what are the tell-tale signs, species by species, that will help us determine what we’re fishing for, and ultimately what bait to present and how?


Raytech Electronics

New Hope, MN (11/18/21) –Based on the growing demand for MarCum products in Eastern Canada, the Minneapolis manufacturer has engaged Raytech Electronics, a warranty and maintenance service center to enable owners to receive service without having to hassle with international shipments. Raytech will be handling warranty and non-warranty repairs for MarCum consumers starting November 17th, 2021. This new relationship is expected to decrease repair service times by at least 5 business days for Eastern Canadian customers.