Basin Crappies: Utilizing your Fish Finder

Basin Crappies: Utilizing your Fish Finder

It’s midwinter. Lakes are locked up with a solid layer of ice. Shanty towns dot the landscape – filled with anglers that are willing to trade long rods for those of a shorter variety. Panfish – crappies in particular – are some of the most targeted species throughout the hard water season.  Knowing how to find them and which tools to use will ultimately make for a more successful day on the ice.

The Best Ice Fishing Sonar for 2022


Since introducing cutting edge sonar technology to mechanical flashers nearly 20 years ago, MarCum has sought to build the best sonar on-ice, bar-none. Recent advances saw MarCum bringing the first digital sonar to the market, giving anglers a host of ample options when hitting the ice this winter. Read on to gain a better understanding of your options, and ultimately decide which is best for your style of fishing.

What electronics will help me find early ice panfish?

What electronics will help me find early ice panfish?

One of the most common questions heard from new ice anglers relates to electronics – “Which is better – an underwater camera or a flasher/sonar?” The short answer is that it really depends.

The long answer is that there are certain situations that each unit type excels in. Depth, water clarity, habitat, and fishing style greatly impact which unit is right for a specific set of circumstances. In a perfect world, an ice angler should have both. This is particularly apparent for anglers that target panfish during the winter months.

MarCum M1 - Best Bang for your Buck

MarCum M1 – Best Bang for Your Buck

Midwest angler Joel Nelson knows a thing or two about ice sonar.  As MarCum’s longest tenured pro-staff member and media personality, he’s been running a MarCum since the brand’s inception.  Though he could run any fish finder on the planet, he’s an avid fan of the M1.  “It’s really a sonar that takes me back to some of the original MarCum units that just flat caught fish,” says Nelson.  “You get exactly what you need in an ice locator, ready to fish out of the box.”  Nelson logs thousands of miles across the ice belt each season, fishing and filming for a host of TV and video segments, all while toting an M1.  “I appreciate so many of the MarCum units in the lineup, but I’ll always have an M1,” says Nelson.      


Raytech Electronics

New Hope, MN (11/18/21) –Based on the growing demand for MarCum products in Eastern Canada, the Minneapolis manufacturer has engaged Raytech Electronics, a warranty and maintenance service center to enable owners to receive service without having to hassle with international shipments. Raytech will be handling warranty and non-warranty repairs for MarCum consumers starting November 17th, 2021. This new relationship is expected to decrease repair service times by at least 5 business days for Eastern Canadian customers.

Fall Mapping for Winter Fishing

Fall Mapping for Winter Fishing

While the idea of finding your ice-spots in a boat isn’t a novel one, serious ice anglers should make this a priority this season.  No doubt, it’s easier to drive around and scan structure for fish now vs. doing it one ice auger hole at a time come November and December.  Advances in electronics make it easier now than ever, such that you can map new water and mark spots with GPS/Sonar combos like the MarCum MX-7GPS.

What’s the appeal of ice fishing?


There’s no doubt that the COVID era has had an impact on the outdoor industry. With closures, canceled travel plans, or changes in regularly scheduled activities, unprecedented numbers of folks have either found or rekindled a love of the outdoors. During the warmer months, there’s a plethora of activities to get a person out of their home. In the Midwest, we are blessed (or cursed depending on how you look at it) with winter – and it lasts more than just a few months. This can make activities a bit harder to find, or at times convince yourself to participate in outdoor activities.

Enter ice fishing season.