Ice anglers are demanding of their electronics and the RT-9 combo delivers. No other unit offers open water sonar, ice sonar, underwater camera capabilities, GPS mapping, and an entertainment system all packed into one unit. The MarCum RT-9 is all of that and loaded with all the standard digital MarCum features you can count on.

Never get left behind!

The digital platform of the MarCum units allows for software updates keeping your locators from being left in the dust. MarCum technicians released new software making the RT-9 even more user friendly and reliable. Already own an RT-9 and want to upgrade your software? It’s simple, just power up your unit, connect it to Wi-Fi and it will update to the current system automatically!

What’s going on down there?

Upgraded sonar gain curves give you improved shallow and deep water performance revealing an even better perspective of exactly what is going on below. Catch more fish by being able to get a better read on how a fish is reacting to your jigging and allowing you to anticipate the strike.

More time on the ice!

Numerous battery related upgrades keep your RT-9 running at peak performance and keep you out on the ice longer. Make a few adjustments of your own by turning off location services and Wi-Fi features when not being used and dim your screen to around 50 percent to extend battery run time. New RT-9 units being released will also be shipped with an additional battery giving you nearly double the fishing time.

Spot on the spot!

GPS features have been updated and you can now manually enter your favorite waypoints. You can also change your location display format to either Degrees/Minutes/Seconds (DMS) or Decimal Degrees (DD) making it easier to transfer data from previous units.

Have it your way!

The screen options seem endless. With three screen panels you can choose just what you want to display. Mix and match, dial flasher, vertical flasher, vertical zoom, graph, graph zoom, GPS map, camera display, and more. If you add a second sonar module you can run two transducers and see what is going on in two different holes at the same time. If you have a camera module you can view that in a panel or you can even overlay a sonar graph display over the camera view.

My favorite is MarCum’s patented adjustable zoom window. Being able to place your zoom window where the fish are and not just the bottom few feet is a real game changer. Schools of suspended fish become a much easier target!

Now is a perfect time to set yourself up with a MarCum RT-9 being factory direct from MarCum Technologies at a reduced price with an additional $200 instant rebate and also including a second 12 volt 9 amp hour battery. Valid 2018 Check out our current offers: RT-9 Factory Direct

If you are a tech savvy angler and like to have the latest and greatest then make sure to check into the RT-9. It will definitely give you an edge up out on the lake and help make you a more successful angler. Good luck fishing and stay safe!      Jason Revermann

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