02 Nov: 20th Anniversary of the Underwater Camera – Blake Tollefson

Electronics are a vital key to success when it comes to hardwater fishing. Sonar units, and underwater cameras alike, both have a specific place in ice fishing. The underwater camera, in particular, has established itself as an important tool. For a number of different reasons, I employ these tools for scouting and fishing on the ice:



The new MarCum Pursuit HD puts 20 years of technology into the palm of your hand, tapping into all of the top trends in underwater viewing. The Pursuit HD simply checks every box. Hand-held and HD attributes are a big direction in cameras now, but so often it comes at the expense of other features. With the MarCum Pursuit HD, expect performance with a rich feature set – expect it all.


03 Sep: 20th Anniversary of the Underwater Camera – Joel Nelson

“Before underwater cameras, I used to think that certain weed-beds held bass, and others had the panfish I was after.  Careful study and lots of on-ice viewing showed that most often, the best weeds and weedbeds held both, but few panfish roam edges or openings in the presence of predators.  Two-feet can be too far if you’re trying to get a bull gill to come from cover and eat.  Punch a hole right on top of them, where they don’t have to leave the safety of cover, and you can pluck them from where you never thought they existed.”

MarCum Recon 5+ Underwater Camera Recording


Our cameras are known for their incredible image quality and bright display.  However, what many people don’t know is that you can record with nearly all of them. This allows you to analyze underwater fish behavior, create compelling content, and have fun sharing your fishing adventures with friends and family.  On most of the units, recording underwater footage is relatively simple. However, it will require a little bit of extra gear on your part. 

MarCum PanCam: Record with your phone

14 Oct: Record Underwater Ice Fishing Footage with Your Phone Using The MarCum PanCam

Sometimes the easiest way to record underwater footage is to simply use your phone. That’s why MarCum has created the PanCam, a mobile controlled camera that will work wherever, and whenever, you need it. There is no need for external recorders, excess cables, or SD cards. With the PanCam, mobile recording has never been easier.