LX-5i (2017) Lead Acid Battery


An ice fishing legend, now updated with even more fisherman-friendly features. The MarCum® LX-5i Dual-Beam True Color Sonar Flasher System brings a larger display and improved viewing angles—with no snow buildup—for a crisper, more detailed interpretation of the world below. With 2500 watts of power backed by a highly focused, 8/20 degree dual beam transducer and an easily-viewable 3-color LED True Color® display, the Marcum LX-5i provides the exceptional detail needed to make every trip successful. The processor delivers great resolution, with target separation down to 3/4″, plus advanced Superfine Line tuning for bottom reading and patented movable zoom technology for detailed viewing anywhere in the water column. And MarCum’s patented 12-level interference rejection system helps eliminate clashes with other units nearby, so you can ice more fish even in a crowd! Comes with a deluxe padded soft case, 12 Volt 9 amp rechargeable battery, and 3-stage automatic charger.

  • New larger display with better viewing angles
  • Resists snow buildup
  • 2,500 watts of power
  • 3-Color LED True Color display
  • Patented movable zoom
  • 3/4″ target separation for exceptional detail
  • Highly focused, 8/20 degree dual beam transducer
  • Superfine Line tuning reveals bottom-huggers
  • 12-level interference rejection
  • Deluxe padded soft case
  • 12 Volt 9 amp rechargeable battery
  • 3-stage automatic battery charger
  • 60 Day manufacturer’ warranty

The MarCum LX-5i Sonar Flasher System is made in the U.S.A.

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