RT-9 Trade-Up


The RT-9 Trade-Up Program is designed to reward existing MarCum Technologies users with the opportunity to trade in their existing MarCum equipment for a discount on the RT-9 Combo unit. We realize many MarCum customers have an interest in upgrading their existing equipment to the RT-9, but might need to sell their existing equipment in order to get the new system. This program gives you an easy way to recycle your existing equipment and gives you a discount off of your new RT-9 Combo.  Follow the steps below to facilitate your RT-9 Trade-Up option:

1. Pay for the RT-9 Trade-Up Program option on our website by following the link below:

RT-9 Trade-Up Program

(You will be paying for the RT-9 less the Trade-Up value of your system)

(Eligible for free shipping in the Continental US for your new RT-9)

2. Package up your system to be mailed:

We will need the entire system (head unit, transducer, shuttle and soft-pack. If trading up with a LX-9,you will need to also send the camera) Please place all parts in a box with bubble wrap or other suitable packing materials.

NOTE: Please never ship a battery.

3. Ship your system:

Ship your system to the address listed below (You are responsible for all shipping costs and maintaining tracking details).

Send to:

MarCum Technologies

Order # (You will get this after payment)

3943 Quebec Ave N.

New Hope, MN 55427

You may ship to us by US Mail, UPS, FedEx, or Spee-Dee. Please allow time for shipping and at least 3 business days once the item has arrived before inquiry. Once the system has been assessed you will receive an email confirmation with a  tracking number for the purchase of your New RT-9 Combo.

Rules for Trade-Up Program:

  • Trade-Up equipment must be received within 21 days to have the order fulfilled.
  • Customer is responsible for all shipping cost and tracking information of incoming equipment.
  • Trade-Up equipment must be in working order.
  • Equipment received must match selected equipment from order page.
  • If equipment is received in non-working order, or different equipment is received than what was selected in purchase, order will be canceled and a new link will be emailed to customer for proper discount amount.
  • Equipment received for Trade-Up program becomes the property of Electronic Technologies LLC.
  • Electronic Technologies LLC. reserves the right to change or cancel this Trade-Up Program at any time.
  • Electronic Technologies LLC. reserves the right to disqualify orders, without notice, and for any reason.