LX-9 Firmware

LX-9 Software Update v2.31 (Release Date. Jan 20th 2014)

Update Procedure

1. System requirements - PC only computer

2. System will update from the supplied micro SD card (class 4 or higher 4gig card required)

3. PC’s without Micro SD card slots may require SD card readers/adapters.

4. Download upgrade file from MarCum website www.marcumtech.com

5. Remove LX-9 display from gimbal

6. Disconnect the power from the battery

7. Open back rubber flap on the back of the display

8. Remove Micro SD card from unit by gently pressing the top of the card to eject.

9. Insert card to computer

10. If there are recorded video files on your card save them to your computer, once saved delete        both the sonar & video folders.

11. Drag upgrade file onto the micro SD card (do not place it into the DCMI folder)

12. Safely eject the Micro SD card from your computer

13. Insert the Micro SD card back into the LX-9

14. Reconnect the power to the battery

15. Turn the system on by pressing the power button

16. You will see the LX-9 logo & status bar loading

17. Once update is complete the system will shut off momentarily & restart

18. Once Complete, properly close the back rubber flap

19. Reassemble the LX-9

20. Go Fish!

Note: 2.31 is a large file upgrade and thus, takes several minutes to install. there are three stages and at points the screen will go black. Do not power off the unit until the main dashboard/active screen reappears. 

This new version ( 2.31) will update your LX-9 to the most current system performance improvements. Including:

Manual Dynamic Range – Adjustable in one-foot increments.

Default to 6 color mode

Brightness, Contrast, Color Kill added to Camera settings.

Quick key combo added (Down button) for one touch record.

Pre-record option with 1,3,5,10,15 minute selectable settings.

Fast forward & rewind in playback.

Thumbnail images added in playback screen.


Download Update file to desktop (LX-9 systems only)

Instructions available in a downloadable pdf