How to target Largemouth Bass in June

27 Jun: How to Target Largemouth Bass in June

Why is it that some of the most pleasing fishing you can do is also some of the simplest? I’m not stepping on bass-anglers with that comment either, but chuckin’ baits up near shore and dragging them back right now will get you bit on most of the weed-choked shallow systems that I fish this time of year. The fishing is that good. As a kid, I grew up bass fishing.

For a southern MN boy, they were the most attainable of the “big” fish. Walleyes lived up-north, you needed a float-plane to fish for pike, and sunfish were for “kids.”

From age 10 up and through my teenage years while I most often fished for those largemouths, I was far from a kid. Catching bass back then, esp. big ones, made your chest puff out a bit.

Staying organized on and off of the water

20 Jun: Staying Organized On and Off the Water

Organization is important no matter your craft. When it comes to fishing, however, a concerted effort for organization should hold a higher precedence. The number of rod, reel, line, and tackle configurations an angler might handle are truly endless.  This is particularly evident with fishermen that target more than one species.

and categorized rod, reel, line, and lure selections. Many professional anglers rely on their organizational and inventorial skills to keep them successful on the water. They know what specific rods and reels they have, what lures they have, and whether they need to restock something in the near future.

Crank Baits for River Bass

13 Jun: Cranking Your Way to More River Bass

Mist from the baitcast reel erupted into the morning air as the crankbait rocketed toward the conspicuous riprap that hugged the edge of the river. As soon as the lure hit the water it was brought to life with a few cranks on the reel.
Instantly the wobble of the lure going back and forth could be felt in the rod tip. It didn’t take very long for the lipped crankbait to start digging in the rocky bottom. Tick, tick, wham! Fish on as the lure got to the edge of the swifter current and it feels like a good one as the fluorocarbon line is being stretched by the bull-dogging fish in the current.

Warmer water transitioning walleyes

06 Jun: Walleye Warm Water Temperature Transitions

Water temperatures that build into the high 60 and 70 degree marks will definitely get fish moving, and that usually coincides with a few hatches.
Bugs crawling out of the deep mud get rafted against the main-lake structure, and signify some of the initial pushes to offshore humps, bars, and reefs. It’s often when casual walleye anglers, or those who see early mixed bags of walleyes with crappies and gills, stop catching them.

Anglers don’t always follow, sometimes because they’re not required to. This is a dynamic time of year as the summer food chain ramps up production. That means anglers don’t always have to look deep to find fish, and several patterns can be going at the same time.

Pre and Post Spawn Panfish Patterns

30 May: Pre and Post Spawn Panfish Patterns

If you’re a crappie angler, one of the best bites of the year has come and gone with the early spring crappie bite. For bluegill fans, the best is yet to come, as we move from a shallow water period for one species into another.

There’s no doubt that the spawning season for crappies and bluegills offer some great opportunities for skinny water panfishing, and even sight fishing, which makes fishing feel like it did when you were a kid.

Bobbers and small jigs are plopped into any good looking developing weeds or brushy areas, only to drop with an aggression not seen since the previous year’s fishing It’s hard not to be excited about it.

How do I choose the right fishing Rod?

23 May: How do I choose the right fishing rod?

Picture yourself in your favorite sporting goods store taking a stroll through the fishing department. The options for tackle, rods, reels are expansive to say the least. A seemingly never-ending list of brands, types, and configurations call this area home.

When it comes to rods, the options are plentiful. Most major retailers will have a variety of lengths, powers, and actions to cover a range of techniques and target species. Choosing the right for the right situation is a task in itself; but it doesn’t need to be as hard as one thinks.

Consistency pays dividends finding walleyes

16 May: How To Be More Consistent On The Water

Everyone wants to be successful on the water. We all love to post on social media and to talk about the fun we had catching fish and spending time together with friends and family. The old adage says, a bad day fishing is still better than a day of work, but no one really likes having a bad day of fishing.

Once you dive into this worthy hobby you will quickly realize that a bad day is relative. For the beginner it could be not catching a single fish. For the guide it could be not filling out a limit. And for the professional it could be not making a top-ten but catching 40-50 target species fish during the eight hour day.

Minnesota fishing opener prep with an underwater camera

09 May: How should I prepare for the Minnesota Fishing Opener?

It’s amazing how many anglers have an underwater ice fishing camera for winter use, and forget to pack it in the boat for fishing opener. In fact, open-water applications abound when it comes to everything from species identification, to finding green weeds, or simply identifying water clarity traits from one end of the lake to another.

The fact that now your underwater camera for fishing can be so much more mobile is a major benefit to its use, and the fish-finding information you unlock with it is rather limitless. Here’s just a few ways and reasons to get more use from your winter camera, come spring, summer and fall.

Can I use a MarCum on my boat? LX-7 Dash Mount

02 May: Can I use a MarCum on my Boat?

It’s this time of year when our ice sonar is swapped for long rods and soft water, but that doesn’t mean your MarCum should be put in the back corner of the garage. All sonar systems, digital or mechanical styles, offer keys and cues that help anglers be more successful on the water

That’s especially true in small crafts like kayaks, canoes, or small skiffs where a larger, permanently mounted traditional LCD display isn’t in play. Here’s just a few ways to trick your craft, whatever it may be, and get the very most from your MarCum.

How to Prepare for the Wisconsin Fishing Opener 2022

25 Apr: How to Prepare for the Wisconsin Fishing Opener 2022

It’s a magical time of year. The ice on the lakes is pretty much absent. The landscapes that were not so long ago covered in snow now show glimpses of life again. Grass is turning greener, plants are blooming, birds are chirping. Spring has sprung.

To many anglers that means one thing – the Wisconsin Fishing Opener is coming. The Wisconsin Fishing Opener is traditionally on the first Saturday in May. This year it falls on