About MarCum

What started out as a vision by two military engineers has blossomed into the leading underwater viewing systems and ice fishing sonar in the world. That said, it didn’t happen overnight, nor did it happen by accident.  Here’s our story, detailing where we’ve been, and where we’re going.

Beginner's Guide to Using an Ice Fishing Flasher
Today, MarCum continues the tradition of staying one step ahead of the competition, always developing and perfecting new products with one goal in mind—to enhance the angling experience of anglers around the world. From our humble beginning to where we are now, proudly perched at the top of our industry, we’ve accomplished a lot. Yes, we make great products, but most of our success can be attributed to the support and loyalty of our customers.
MarCum RT-9 2.0 Ice Fishing Flasher with Navionics
As we continue to blaze new trails, our future is secured by a strong desire to provide the latest and best technology available to the aspirational ice angler.  While we value our ability to demonstrate a vision to be able to conceive of, develop, and offer the most advanced features and functionality in our products, our reputation in the marketplace continues to be our most important asset – our ice angler customer, on experiencing the proven performance of our products, has made us who we are.
Grant Sorensen holding walleye by RT-9
It doesn’t stop there, though. Everything we manufacture has been put through its paces on the water. The next time you see a MarCum product, think of our field testers that brave the cold, making notes with frozen fingers, tweaking and fine-tuning everything until it’s just right.  All while catching plenty of fish in the process.
Joel Nelson on Mille Lacs with RT-9 with sunset

Past, Present, and Future

MarCum has always been about building a better fish-trap, and that idea was born from two passionate anglers who just so happened to work on sonar in nuclear submarines for the US Navy. In the early 2000’s, they took the development of their already successful commercial ice units, on to another level.  Transferring this technical knowledge into real-world advantages for ice anglers, they created the LX-1, LX-3, and LX-5 sonar packages.  It started a revolution in ice electronics, driven by customer demands for hardware that was more crisp, precise, and feature-laden.
Tony Roach holding crappie by RT-9
MarCum Technologies holds numerous patents in sonar design. MarCum is a growing and evolving company working hard to design and market the best available outdoor products. Our products are customer driven. From underwater viewing systems to fishing sonar and GPS, MarCum is always developing products to make your outdoor experiences more successful and fun!
Joel Nelson holding M-Li over ice
Our love for the sport fishing industry and all people in it, from the manufacturers and distributors to the retailers and consumers is what drives us to constantly improve all aspects of our business. Hours spent in focus groups, at the drawing board, and on the production line combine to produce the finest line-up of sonar and underwater viewing systems the world has ever seen.
Tony Roach holding crappie with LX-7
What’s on the horizon for MarCum? You can be sure there is plenty.  As we speak, our field testers are out there, prototypes in hand, waiting for the cover of darkness to try out our latest and greatest.

Our Pros
Industry Thought-Leaders

Who is a “Thought Leader”? Thought leaders are people who combine passion and technical expertise with the love of teaching others – bringing the head and the heart together as one. They set direction and provide guidance through years of combined experience in the ice fishing industry.
The individuals featured here were hand-chosen because they are exceptional. That is to say, they are an exception to the rule. They do things differently. Yes, they have proven expertise, but they are also known to have redefined norms. They challenge themselves and others around them. They stand out from the crowd, set new standards and embody the terms: innovative, creative, and resourceful.
Our Pro-staff members are authentic – they say what they mean and they mean what they say. They have a superior understanding of the needs of ice anglers and as such can recognize opportunities. They have clarity of vision and can communicate it with the average ice angler, giving you a better understanding of the world below the ice.
These are not average people; these are the people we admire and go to for advice and guidance. We are proud to call these thought leaders our friends and to have had their expertise for over a decade. Take some time and read their stories.  Prepare to be inspired.
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