Universal SLA Charger with SAE plug


MarCum SLA Universal Charger with SAE plug, wall charger and wiring harness.This charger is designed to work with sealed lead-acid batteries only.
***Does NOT work with DCS-100***
***Does NOT work with Lithium Batteries***

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Current System Comptability
M1 VS485c
M3 M5
Legacy System Compatability
VX-1 VX-1p
VX-1i LX-2
LX-3 LX-3tc
LX-3tci LX-5
LX-5i LX-6
LX-6s RT-9
VS300 VS350
VS380 VS385
VS385c VS400
VS460 VS500
VS560 VS620
VS625SD VS820
VS825c VS825SD