RT-9 Updates Automatically when connected to Wi-Fi

The release of  1.13 of the RT-9 software includes the following changes:

  • Improvements to the sonar gain curves to improve shallow-water and deep-water performance.
  • Improvements to battery level detection after full battery discharge.
  • Improvements to screen dimming features – monitor will dim when below 20 % battery level and will increase brightness back to the normal amount once battery is above 60%.
  • Improvements to menu scrolling features.
  • New feature to allow manual entry of waypoints.
  • New feature to allow users to change the location display format.
  • Sonar simulator modes (ice and open water).


The software update is free and able to be done via Wi-Fi connection. You will need to first be connected to Wi-fi then open the RT-9 app. Once in the RT-9 app, Select “SETTINGS” in the top right corner, then “GENERAL” and ensure that the “Check for Updates on Start” button is turned “ON”. You will then need to close your RT-9 app and re-open the app to have the system recognize that there is a new update available.

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