VX-1 & 1P – Single Beam Ice Transducer – Upgrade


This transducer has been discontinued. If your VX-1 or VX-1p has a bad ducer that had a metal ring on it, we can upgrade your unit to work with the new single beam transducers.

You will need to send the unit in for the upgrade. Go to support, non-warranty claim, and choose the flasher repair. Paying for this repair will upgrade your head unit to the new plug style, receive the new style single beam transducer, and have a one year warranty on the upgrade.

Single Beam 20 degree Ice Transducer.

*** ONLY compatible with: VX-1, VX-1P, GSX and VXR***

*** NOT compatible with: VX-1i:  LX Series Replacement Ice Ducer (20 Degree)****

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