Introducing the new MarCum Roamer Shuttle

Roamer Shuttle, on the move


MarCum Technologies‘ Roamer Case and Roamer Kit give mobile anglers the upper hand.

New Hope, MN (10/22/22) – Ice heads.  Trollers.  Hole-hoppers and ice-fishing freaks.  While hardwater zealots one and all, they’re a group of diehards that represent the upper crust of cutting-edge anglers in our sport.  They’re the ones that drive innovation and give us at MarCum sleepless nights, but also help us rest easy when a premium product evolves into existence.  We aim to please this class of uber ice anglers, knowing that if we can satisfy them, we’ve achieved products that will serve all anglers as best-in-class ice electronics and accessories.

That’s why we’re 100% focused on ice, never taking our eye of the ball and never compromising product performance for borrowed ideas and transferred technology.  Ideas here are built from the ice-up, and breathed into life with only half the calendar in mind.  The unflinching result is that nobody understands the mechanics of the sport like the design team at MarCum.  We study how an angler moves, fishes, and anticipate every aspect of how they spend their day on hard water. 

With that single-minded dedication in focus, MarCum Technologies introduces the Roamer Case and Roamer Kit, the first releases in what MarCum calls its Signature Series products.  Adorned with MarCum Red, our trade-dress, the Roamer takes mobility to a new level, with significant improvements over all other cases and shuttles on the market.  By combining elements of a plastic shuttle and soft-pack in one case, MarCum has blended the benefits of both, checking boxes for both form and function along the way.  As a standalone case, the Roamer equips flasher and battery owners with an ample sonar storage solution.  As the full Roamer Kit, anglers get the case, a featherweight 12V6AH Lithium LiFePO4 battery, and proper charger to fit it, along with USB charging ports for extra power. 

Speaking of functions, Roamer discussion would be incomplete without mentioning improvements in weight, cable management, and gear-carry functionality.  At 30% lighter than traditional flasher kits, and lighter still from other LiFePO4 kits, there’s no sleeker or more mobile way to hit fresh ice.  With improvements to the side-slung, fully-enclosed cable wrap, anglers can finally offer proper protection to the most sensitive portion of the unit in the transducer.  On the other side of the case, a generous zipped compartment stores forceps, tackle packs, plastics, or bait – keeping everything where you need, when you need it, so no one has to go running back to a vehicle or fish-house.

At closer inspection, the genius behind the roamer is its simplicity.  Precious ounces are stripped away by removing a gimbal bracket and directly mounting units to the molded interior, offering a lighter, more compact, and more premium experience for the angler.  With the Roamer Kit, MarCum‘s Impact 12V6AH battery fits snugly too into this custom, durable case, that works as well as it looks. 

Versatility is paramount to the Roamer case, allowing cross-compatibility with nearly all flashers in the ice market, including the MarCum digital series*.  That figurative adaptability is on display with the Roamer Kit’s supplied 2-port USB dongle, allowing anglers to easily charge a phone or any other USB device while on the go.  In a literal sense, the Roamer is flexible too, sporting a semi-rigid, ruggedized, protective manner to the case that offers some “give,“ but only where it’s needed.  All of which makes Roamer the lightest, highest functioning, best-engineered case on ice.   

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Marcum Technologies – MarCum Technologies, based in New Hope MN is the industry leader in ice electronics.  Since 2000, Marcum has been devoted to offering angling innovations including GPS, sonar flashers, digital fish finders, underwater cameras, and more. With products made primarily in the USA, MarCum Technologies holds numerous patents and industry exclusive features.  Quality, durability, and innovation are hallmarks of the MarCum brand.  

*Does NOT fit any digital sonar nor any humminbird ice system. Fits all marcum sonar flasher systems and all vexilars.

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