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MarCum Technologies Launches the Explorer HD L: Redefining Underwater Viewing for Anglers

New Hope, Minnesota (September 6thst, 2023) – MarCum Technologies, a pioneering name in fishing electronics, proudly introduces its latest masterpiece, the Explorer HD L. With a legacy spanning two decades of unmatched quality and performance, MarCum takes another leap forward by redefining underwater viewing systems with this groundbreaking product.

Combining the culmination of 20 years of excellence, the Explorer HD L stands as a testament to MarCum’s commitment to providing cutting-edge technology to anglers across the spectrum. This new addition cements MarCum’s industry-leading status in underwater viewing systems by seamlessly integrating superior quality and unparalleled performance.

At an enticing price point of $549.99, the Explorer HD L democratizes the access to full-sized system capabilities. This innovation aligns with MarCum’s mission of delivering top-tier features at an affordable price, ensuring that anglers of all kinds can experience the underwater world in its full quality.

  • 7-Inch High-Resolution H2D Solar Intelligent LCD Screen: The Explorer HD L offers a full-sized screen that caters to both run-and-gun anglers and wheelhouse enthusiasts, delivering clear visuals that bring the underwater world to life.
  • Full 1080P Camera with HD Video Out Port: Experience the underwater realm like never before with a full-resolution 1080P camera. Connect it to any HD-compatible TV or monitor via the video out port to witness an unmatched viewing experience whether out on the ice or in the comfort of your wheelhouse.
  • MarCum Brute 12V10AH Lithium LiFePO4 Battery and Charger: Empower your underwater exploration with ample power. The advanced battery technology ensures extended usage while the efficient charger keeps you ready for action.
  • Brightest Screen Ever Produced by MarCum: Enjoy enhanced visibility even in varying light conditions with one of the brightest screens ever produced by MarCum, ensuring every detail beneath the surface is vividly captured.
  • 75 Feet of Camera Cable: The Explorer HD L offers an extensive 75-foot camera cable, providing versatility and freedom to explore deeper depths with ease.

The Explorer HD L is designed to cater to both the run-and-gun angler’s need for on-the-go performance and the wheelhouse angler’s desire for a premium viewing experience. MarCum Technologies seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and affordability to ensure that every angler can unlock the underwater world’s mysteries.

“MarCum Technologies has always been dedicated to delivering uncompromising quality and performance,” said Alec Beigle, VP of sales and marketing . “With the Explorer HD L, we’re taking underwater viewing to the next level, making it accessible to a wider audience while maintaining the excellence our customers expect from us.”

For more information on the Explorer HDL and all camera offerings by Marcum, go to http://www.marcumtech.com.

MarCum Technologies – MarCum Technologies, based in New Hope MN is the industry leader in ice electronics.  Since 2000, MarCum has been devoted to offering angling innovations including GPS, sonar flashers, digital fish finders, underwater cameras, and more. With products made primarily in the USA, MarCum Technologies holds numerous patents and industry exclusive features.  Quality, durability, and innovation are hallmarks of the MarCum brand.  

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