Universal SLA Wiring Harness


Universal Wiring Harness with 2 amp fuse.

*** Only compatible with Universal Charger with SAE plug ***

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Sonar Comptability
M1 V485c
Legacy Sonar Compatability


VX-1* VX-1p*
VX-1i* LX-2
LX-3* LX-3tc*
LX-3tci* LX-5*
LX-5i* LX-5s*
LX-6* LX-6s*
RT-9 RT-9 2.0
VS250* VS300*
VS350* VS380*
VS385* VS385c*
VS400* VS460*
VS500* VS560*
VS620* VS625SD*
VS820* VS825c*

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