New Hope, MN (10/25/2021) – Marcum Technologies, the undisputed leader in underwater viewing, takes an on-ice staple and improves it with lighter, longer-lasting lithium batteries.  A new generation of anglers takes for granted what cameras have brought to the sport.  Inline reels and the effect of lure-spin was revealed through watching fish swim away on an underwater camera.  Winter panfish location and the connection to green standing aquatic plants, along with countless other observations; all brought to you by underwater viewing, now made better with a little help from an advanced fuel source.


22 Nov: How to ID types of Fish with your Ice Fishing Flasher

Tony Roach, a man who has seen just about everything that swims on a host of ice-fishing sonar units.  “That’s a walleye,” he confidently announced while staring at his MarCum M1.  “See it belly-to-bottom, then come up, then drop down.  It’s done it about three times in the past 30 seconds.”  Eventually, Tony connects, bringing a particularly goldeneye up on a panfish jig of all things.  How did he know it was a walleye, when we had landed nothing but gills the prior 10 hours on ice?  More importantly, what are the tell-tale signs, species by species, that will help us determine what we’re fishing for, and ultimately what bait to present and how?


19 Nov: Raytech Electronics

New Hope, MN (11/18/21) –Based on the growing demand for MarCum products in Eastern Canada, the Minneapolis manufacturer has engaged Raytech Electronics, a warranty and maintenance service center to enable owners to receive service without having to hassle with international shipments. Raytech will be handling warranty and non-warranty repairs for MarCum consumers starting November 17th, 2021. This new relationship is expected to decrease repair service times by at least 5 business days for Eastern Canadian customers.

The Switch to Lithium

25 Oct: The Switch to Lithium

Though there is a slightly higher cost of entry to MarCum for putting these batteries in as standard options, the benefits of Lithium battery technology are many. For most anglers, the weight savings alone are enough to switch out their old Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries, with new Lithium versions weighing less than half of their predecessors. You’ve also got longer run-times, even from batteries with similar amperage output that are not Lithium. That means you can fish for durations numbering days, not hours, with anglers often only re-charging their batteries after a long weekend of use.

Fall Mapping for Winter Fishing

18 Oct: Fall Mapping for Winter Fishing

While the idea of finding your ice-spots in a boat isn’t a novel one, serious ice anglers should make this a priority this season.  No doubt, it’s easier to drive around and scan structure for fish now vs. doing it one ice auger hole at a time come November and December.  Advances in electronics make it easier now than ever, such that you can map new water and mark spots with GPS/Sonar combos like the MarCum MX-7GPS.

Battery Checking Season

13 Oct: Battery Checking Season & The Best Flasher Battery Replacement Options

The first step in your pre-season routine should be checking your batteries. Most flasher failures on the ice are caused by a bad battery.

Leaves are gone from the trees, and that’s your green light to grab your MarCum flasher or digital system from the garage and get ready for the ice-fishing season.

The first step in your pre-season routine should be checking your batteries. Most flasher failures on the ice are caused by a bad battery, so now’s the time to inspect your MarCum’s power source. “You could be kicking yourself later if you don’t take a minute to check everything out now,” says ICE FORCE Pro-Staffer, Joel Nelson. “Nothing will wreck a good day of fishing faster than a bad battery, because there’s nothing you can do about it out on the ice.”

Preparation leads to success on the ice

11 Oct: Ice Season Preparation: An Ice Angler’s Checklist

Organization and preparation are critical elements to success on the ice. Without them you may be stuck repairing or replacing rather than actually fishing. Most of us are limited to specific windows for fishing, so make sure you can capitalize on those periods by having your gear ready and in working order. Winter conditions are hard on gear, so doing your due diligence is important.