The standout feature of MarCum’s Lithium batteries is their lithium chemistry, which sets them apart from the competition. Not all lithium batteries are created equal, and MarCum’s line of Lithium batteries showcases a chemistry type, with its own unique advantages. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) is the ice anglers ideal chemistry, which strikes a balance between weight, cold weather performance, and charge cycle longevity.


Getting Your Boat Ready for Open Water

After a long winter, there is nothing like the unbridled anticipation of hitting the open water once again.  Spring and summer is a special time of the year and soaking up the sun on the water is the best way to recharge the body and soul.  The last thing you want to have is maintenance issues going to or on the water.  Be sure to follow these quick tips to ensure a greater chance at a fun-filled day on the water. 

How to target late ice walleyes

How to Target Late Ice Walleyes

We’re nearing the end of walleye season in MN, and things have gotten a bit tougher. Snow is deep and ice is thick(er), and the amount of available light at depth has been cut dramatically. Your early season haunts are likely nowhere near where you are ice fishing now, and at this point, it’s more about just getting bites rather than talking about how many you’re catching.


Crappie are probably the trendiest fish to pursue.  If there is a hot bite out somewhere it doesn’t take long for the multitudes to find out about it.  They are also pretty willing biters and some of the tastiest fish out there.  Crappie can commonly be found in and amongst the good bluegill areas although the crappie will be found higher in the water column.  Crappie will also be found suspended over deeper basins throughout any given lake.  This makes them relatively easy to find with your flasher or digital sonar.  Find your way out onto the basin and drill a hole and look for suspended fish.  When you get on top of them then drop your presentation down right away.  Be warned, because it is a basin with no structure to hold them in a certain area, a lot of times these fish will roam about.  The challenge will be to stay over them the best you can by drilling extra holes and hole-hopping.  Using lithium batteries in your electronics makes this much more doable.  Do your arms and back a favor and replace the heavy lead-acid battery in your electronic unit.

Capture The Moment

Capture the Moment – Taking Better Fish Pictures

There’s something special about a quality fish picture. Whether you plan to share it with friends, post it on social media, or simply keep it to yourself, it’s the perfect way to preserve those memories of a great day on the water. That being said, taking a decent picture isn’t always the easiest task. Thankfully, a little practice and some attention to detail can make all the difference. If taking better fishing pictures is a priority, the following notions should be valuable.