The standout feature of MarCum’s Lithium batteries is their lithium chemistry, which sets them apart from the competition. Not all lithium batteries are created equal, and MarCum’s line of Lithium batteries showcases a chemistry type, with its own unique advantages. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) is the ice anglers ideal chemistry, which strikes a balance between weight, cold weather performance, and charge cycle longevity.

M Series Press Release


Highly anticipated expanded lineup of Sonar Flasher Ice Fishing Systems for the upcoming 2023 ice fishing season. Building on its legacy of groundbreaking technology, MarCum introduces two new models, built on the foundation of proven performance of the  M3 and M5, designed to provide anglers with unparalleled sonar performance and the ultimate edge on the ice.

Preparation leads to success on the ice

Ice Season Preparation: An Ice Angler’s Checklist

Organization and preparation are critical elements to success on the ice. Without them you may be stuck repairing or replacing rather than actually fishing. Most of us are limited to specific windows for fishing, so make sure you can capitalize on those periods by having your gear ready and in working order. Winter conditions are hard on gear, so doing your due diligence is important.

Joel Nelson Mission SDL now powered with the Brute battery


Press Release – New Hope, MN (10/22/20) – Two decades ago, MarCum released its first underwater viewing system, giving eyes below the surface to an entire generation of anglers.  Their world has been forever changed because of it, from the way modern ice anglers’ fish to the equipment they use, underwater viewing has shaped the evolution of the sport.  While the systems themselves have also evolved through the years, the one thing that remains consistent over time is the amount of information anglers glean when seeing underwater for the first time.

Early Ice Essentials with Joel Nelson

Early Ice Essentials

“They’re right where we left them,” I blurted while quickly dropping another small sucker to whoever was stealing them below. It was a private thought that worked its way out on last season’s first-ice-foray. I was pretty certain they were walleyes, as I’d fished them in the months leading up to ice. They remained right off of a point on the first shoreline break where we’d had two flags fly before drilling the rest of the holes. We jigged up a few perch and walleyes amongst those tip-ups right at dark, before gingerly creeping back to shore. We were on solid ice, a good 6 inches of it, but you never can be too careful. Even when well-prepared, I’m not the guy creeping on a few mere inches like I once was. Age, kids, and some dodgy experiences will do that to you.

Blake Tollefson ice conditions

Safety First with Blake Tollefson

The hardwater season is fast approaching. All across the Northern United States and Canada, anglers are taking their first steps on frozen water. Now is the time to ensure electronics, rods & reels, and augers are in working order — and that tackle is fully organized. Aside from the obvious fishing gear, there is some vital equipment you should have before you take that first step on hardwater. Safety concerns are very real throughout the ice fishing season, and especially at first ice. Safety precautions for first ice can be categorized into a handful of major groups.