MarCum Technologies‘ fully loaded SD camera now more mobile, longer-lasting.

New Hope, MN (10/22/20) – Two decades ago, MarCum released its first underwater viewing system, giving eyes below the surface to an entire generation of anglers.  Their world has been forever changed because of it, from the way modern ice anglers’ fish to the equipment they use, underwater viewing has shaped the evolution of the sport.  While the systems themselves have also evolved through the years, the one thing that remains consistent over time is the amount of information anglers glean when seeing underwater for the first time. 

What prior generations were required to learn through trial-and-error, modern anglers have seen through their own eyes, learning in real-time exacting specifics of fish behavior and the aquatic environment.  From the importance of green weeds to general fish activity, to the development of products like inline reels to combat spinning baits, all have been made possible through seeing the underwater world as we had never before.  

Twenty years ago, anglers knew little about invertebrate activity under the ice.  Now, we know how widely distributed they are and where, pushing ice plastics and lure development to places otherwise unreachable.  Underwater viewing answers the “why” – earning us a better understanding in fish behavior that ultimately leads to more successful days on the ice.  It has long been said, “find the food, find the fish.”  There’s no better way to determine what a gamefish is eating by seeing them eat it with your own eyes.  When lakes are covered with ice, we get locked out of that layer of visibility would it not be for underwater cameras.

Judging a fish’s mood determines your cadence and jigging motion for the day.  Aggressive fish demand a louder and prouder approach, but being able to witness a fish’s disposition at any given moment and how they address a bait, dictates exactly how aggressive or subdued your approach should be.  It’s a basic thing we take for granted, that can also be understood from sonar, but the camera makes it undeniable.  That is, until dingy or stained water makes viewing challenging with most camera systems.

That’s where the MarCum Mission SD L really shines, giving full-view to clouded and turbid water with SD cameras requiring less light to fire finite sensors into revealing the detail of the depths.  The Mission offers an upgrade in terms of features, providing MarCum’s industry leading on-screen callouts for relative direction, temperature and depth.  Cap that off with out-of-the box and ready-to-fish performance from the included MarCum 12V10AH Brute Lithium LiFePO4 battery, you’ve got an instant classic in the world of underwater viewing. 

MarCum celebrates and honors the underwater viewing advancements that have brought us through today, while innovating everything from brighter viewing screens to ultra-light, long-lasting, and durable Lithium batteries that power them.  That heritage of moving the sport forward is something we at MarCum take seriously, and promise to continue as long as there is ice, and fish under it to target. 

For more information on the MarCum Underwater Viewing Systems go to http://www.marcumtech.com.      

MarCum Technologies – MarCum Technologies, based in New Hope MN is the industry leader in ice electronics.  Since 2000, MarCum has been devoted to offering angling innovations including GPS, sonar flashers, digital fish finders, underwater cameras, and more. With products made primarily in the USA, MarCum Technologies holds numerous patents and industry exclusive features.  Quality, durability, and innovation are hallmarks of the MarCum brand.  

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