Pancam Panner System – Discontinued


Much more than a way to view your underwater camera, you now can take complete control of all your camera’s functionality from the palm of your hand. Up to 300 feet away! You use the Pancam Panner System to send video from your underwater viewing system (you can use any system that has an RCA “video-out” jack) to your wireless device via WiFi. Once the camera is deployed, you can remotely pan 360 degrees for a panoramic view of the structure and fish below you, saving pictures and video to your phone or video library. Even share with friends on your favorite social media sites. Send the signal to several devices (phone, tablet WiFi TV) at once so all members of your party can enjoy the action. Download the PanCam App Android Smart Phone or Tablet / iPhone or iPad (must download onto the device you are using PanCam system with)

  • 60 Day manufacturer’ warranty
  • ***This does not include the camera for the system***

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