Why Choose MarCum As Your Ice Fishing Flasher

Why Choose MarCum As Your Ice Fishing Flasher

The Essence of a MarCum Fish Finder

Over two decades ago, MarCum Technologies started out as a vision by two military engineers that liked to fish.  They had a passion, driven by customer demands to provide equipment that was clean, crisp and rich in features.  Today the company has progressed into producing the world’s leading underwater viewing systems and ice fishing sonar in the world with numerous patents in sonar design.  

What Makes Us Different?

When it comes to choosing your next fish finder for ice fishing, there are some things that you are going to want to know.  First off, there are a lot of terms that are used in the ice fishing industry to describe the functionality of ice fishing electronics.  Terms such as high frequency, chirp, live imaging, target separation, target identification, interference rejection, zoom, etc. are used to describe the performance of the ice units.  

High frequency describes the type of sound waves that are used with fish finders.  The most common frequency that is used in freshwater is 200khz.  For ice fishing, it is the optimal frequency for being able to accurately and efficiently measure what is in the water column beneath your feet.  All MarCum flashers and digital units utilize this 200khz frequency.  

Why is power output or watts important? 

In regards to fish finders, the higher the wattage, the more efficient and powerful the overall unit will be.  Think of your radio, the louder the volume, the easier it is to hear.  Across the board, MarCum fish finders utilizes the highest in-class power in ice fishing.  Because of this, MarCum units have the best in-class target separation.

What is target separation?

Target separation is the ice fishing unit’s ability to effectively display the difference between objects in the water column.  For instance, the MarCum MX-7GPS offers industry leading ½ inch target separation.  This simply means that the unit is able to clearly distinguish and illustrate on the screen things that are as close together as a half inch.  This makes seeing your bait and the fish crisp and crystal clear.  

Whether you are entering the flasher market for the first time or looking to enter into the digital arena, you can have peace of mind knowing that if it says MarCum, you are getting the best target separation money can buy.  

What is interference rejection?

On occasion while ice fishing, you will find that your fish finder will experience a disruption in the sonar returns displayed on your screen. This is caused by other nearby fish finders emitting sound waves (200khz) that are received by your fish finder.  This additional “noise” shows up on your screen and prevents your depth finder from displaying a clear picture.  

Anyone that has been to a public event whether it was a sporting event or the kids choir concert knows that being able to see all the action go down is a huge part of it.  Nothing is more frustrating than having a spectacular view of the event, then having the super tall person in a sombrero come sit in front of you minutes before the start.  It’s the definition of buzz-kill.  You can kind of see what is going on but it’s not a clear picture.   

When it comes to ice locators, interference can be just that.  All hardwater anglers want to see a clear picture of what is happening beneath them at all times.  Dealing with interference is a big deal and interference rejection is a means to dampen or reject the sound waves received from another closeby unit.  

MarCum has patented interference rejection that is best-in-class.  If you ever want to fish amongst a group or alongside another angler in a house, you’ll want to be looking at a MarCum.  It is your best chance at ensuring that you will be viewing a non-cluttered screen.  Our 12 different interference rejection channels will ensure a clear screen to focus on your bait and the fish with no distraction.

What is zoom/split screen?

Zoom is the ability to utilize the screen on your digital or ice fishing flasher to see a specific portion of the water column.  For entry-level units, this will mainly be the area above the bottom.  In normal operation, the unit will use the entire display for showing the entire water column.  When in zoom mode, the screen is essentially split in half where one side displays the entire water column while the other side will display the bottom 5 ft.  

This makes it easier to see the target separation when you are fishing near the bottom in say 30 feet of water.  MarCum M1 is the only sonar in the entry level class to offer the zoom feature.  If you like to fish near the bottom and are in the market for a flasher that won’t break the bank but will offer you plenty of features, look no further than the M1.  

At MarCum, we feel that the ability to zoom is so important that it is available on all of our sonar units (digital and flashers).  In fact, the flasher units, M3L and M5L have a moveable zoom that allows you to look at any specific areas in the water column.  

What’s not to love?

So what is the essence of a MarCum Fish Finder? We pride ourselves on highest in-class power, industry leading target separation, patented interference rejection and zoom included on every sonar we make. We are proud to say that at every price level, MarCum delivers the best in-class sonar manufactured in the U.S.A. and we stand by our products by offering two year warranties on our sonars. It’s excellence that you deserve. Are you ready to join the MarCum army?

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