5 Reasons Why The
LX-7/Lithium Shuttle Combo
Stands Out From the Competition

Scott Mackner, known by his handle 330 Maniac, is an avid fisherman and content creator from Minnesota. He is known for his fishing and trapping videos, his knowledgeable skill set and his ability to chase down a multitude of species.  

He recently sat down with us to discuss why he made the switch to MarCum.  From target separation to customizable zoom, Scott breaks down the top 5 reasons he chooses the LX-7 Combo over anything else.

LX-7 Zoom

The LX-7 Has Customizable Zoom

Because he enjoys fishing a multitude of species, including tulibee and crappie, Scott needs a flasher that allows him to have full control of the zoom. This means he is able to target different areas of the water column, instead of being limited to the bottom 10 feet. 

“Tulibee’s can be found in deep water – 40 to 100 feet of water. The fact that the MarCum can be zoomed into any part of the water column is such a game-changer when you are Tulibee fishing.” 

Whether you are tullibee fishing or crappie fishing, zooming into suspended fish couldn’t be any easier than with the MarCum LX-7. 

“It makes it much, much easier to locate and target those fish”

Precise Target Separation

Next on his list is target separation.  For those who aren’t familiar, target separation is the ability of the flasher to separate two different subjects when right next to each other.  This is usually given in fractions of an inch. This isn’t just important when identifying individuals in a group of fish, but also identifying fish off of the bottom. 

That’s why Scott relies on the LX-7 to target small fish in deep water. He especially emphasizes his experience targeting perch in deep water at Devils Lake. 

As Scott puts it:
“With this target separation, any little ripple on the bottom signifies a fish.” 

That can make a big difference in catch rate.  The MarCum LX-7 comes in with a precise ½” target separation helping identify even the smallest fish in both a group and off of the bottom.

330 Maniac Perch
Lithium Shuttle Provides Extra Power

Maximum Power

With the Lithium Shuttle, there is incredible power. This is especially beneficial when we live a busy life, are spending long days on the ice, and need to make sure our units are powered and ready to go.

“ …you know you don’t have to charge your unit every single day…. You are tired, you get home, and maybe you’re fishing tomorrow… with the Lithium Shuttle, you don’t have to worry about that.”

Scott emphasizes how handy it is to have the Lithium Shuttle with at all times. Everyone has moments where we have forgotten to charge our flashers and with the Lithium Shuttle, it’s no longer a concern.  

Whether we need to charge our phone or use our flasher on a remote adventure, the Lithium Shuttle keeps the LX-7 powered.

USB Ports

“I’m running GoPro’s on the screen – that way people can watch the fish bite”. 

The built-in USB ports are also a highlight for Scott. As a YouTube creator, being able to power and record the day on the ice is a must, and the Lithium Shuttle makes it easy.  In fact, Scott shares his plan to continuously record the screen for more content in many of his videos. 

 Not to mention, a phone, ice defense unit, or underwater camera can be hooked up and left running all day long.

Lithium Shuttle USB Ports
Lithium Shuttle LED Light

Be sure to follow Scott (Known as 330 Maniac) on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook!

For more on the LX-7/ Lithium Shuttle be sure to check out how the Lithium Shuttle will revolutionize the way you fish


The Lithium Shuttle is made to make ice fishing more convenient.  That’s why we have included a built-in LED light to do just that. 

In fact, Scott not only uses it to illuminate his ice hole but also to help him pack and clean up after sundown. 

“I fish a lot of walleyes at night. Nothing worse than going to pack up… can’t see anything… looking around the ice and don’t know where anything is laying at. {That’s why} I flip this light on, I set it on top of my sled and it lights up the entire area. “

Best Solution For Power on the Ice

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