MarCum Technologies’ most advanced camera system now a featherweight powerhouse.

New Hope, MN (10/22/20) – Two decades ago, MarCum released its first underwater viewing system, giving eyes below the surface to an entire generation of anglers.  Their world has been forever changed because of it, from the way modern ice anglers’ fish to the equipment they use, underwater viewing has shaped the evolution of the sport.  While the systems themselves have also evolved through the years, the one thing that remains consistent over time is the amount of information anglers glean when seeing underwater for the first time. 

Each of us have our own underwater viewing story, including MarCum’s top pro’s.  Tony Roach, famed guide and walleye expert recalls the first spoon he saw on an underwater camera.  “The thing never stopped spinning and just looked un-natural in the water.  Now it’s common knowledge to put a swivel a foot or so up from jigging spoons but that was advanced stuff before anglers could see the effect for themselves,” says Roach.  Swivels and then in-line reels that impart zero twist into deployed baits soon became the norm. 

Cameras alone were an advancement to the sport, but what’s been learned from them has pushed that evolution even further.  Long-time MarCum pro Joel Nelson has been with the brand long enough to remember that initial camera release.  “I’ll never forget taking it out to a weed-bed full of late-ice bluegills.  They were stacked, but only in very precise pockets within the weeds.  If you drilled 3-feet away, it wasn’t close enough, making a camera just critical to both finding and catching,” says Nelson.  “With cameras like the MarCum Quest HD L, now we’re talking about not just seeing into the weeds, but identifying species, growth patterns, and substrate differences at distances we only imagined years ago.”

In the Quest HD L, MarCum’s most premium sit and fish style unit, you’ve got razor sharp HD image quality for the most discerning of ice anglers.  If you obsess about fish in the far background, aquatic plant quality and species, or minute details that offer keys to unlocking the bite, you won’t find a better camera.  The industry’s brightest screen projects a true HD image, or can be bypassed for a full HD HDMI video out to project on the fish-house TV.  Wherever you view it, you’ll be looking at the best of the best with power to spare from the included MarCum 12V10AH Brute Lithium LiFePO4 battery.

Given the exacting power demands of an elite system, it’s only fitting that to the best underwater viewing system should go the best battery.  Anglers should fish with confidence and worry more about getting to the next fish than whether or not their camera will survive the day.  Along the way, they’ll find themselves hitting more spots, and dunking more camera heads than ever before, thanks to the ultra-light Brute battery and what it gives the Quest HD L in terms of whole-unit weight savings.  Truly, there’s never been a better time to enjoy the underwater world.

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MarCum Technologies – MarCum Technologies, based in New Hope MN is the industry leader in ice electronics.  Since 2000, MarCum has been devoted to offering angling innovations including GPS, sonar flashers, digital fish finders, underwater cameras, and more. With products made primarily in the USA, MarCum Technologies holds numerous patents and industry exclusive features.  Quality, durability, and innovation are hallmarks of the MarCum brand.  

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